Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brown's Biggest Benefactor Loses Law License

The largest individual contributor to Barrie MP Patrick Brown's federal campaigns has had his license to practice law revoked by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Here is the decision from the Law Society's web site:

Peter Brian Budd (1988), of the City of Toronto, was found to have engaged in conduct unbecoming a licensee for having been convicted of two Criminal Code charges, in that he did, with respect to each of two young persons, being in a position of trust or authority towards the young person, for a sexual purpose, touch directly the body of the young person, with a part of his body contrary to Section 153, Sub-section (1), clause (a) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

By Decision and Order dated December 17, 2009 the Hearing Panel ordered as follows:

1. The Lawyer's licence is revoked.
2. Counsel may make submissions on the matter of costs in writing, within 10 days of the date of the release of this order. Otherwise, there shall be no order as to costs.

(Counsel for the Society, Lisa Freeman / Counsel for the Lawyer, Janet Leiper)

According to an April 6, 2004 Canadian Press article, Budd was charged with 3 counts of sexual assault and 3 counts of sexual exploitation. On May 16, 2006 Budd was convicted on 2 of the sexual exploitation charges. He was given a 9-month custodial sentence. Budd's conviction was held up on appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal (October 22, 2007). Budd appealed to the Supreme Court, but that appeal was also dismissed.

Budd's donations to Brown's campaigns:

Budd Peter Jun. 25, 2004 1,000.00 (2004 election campaign)
Budd Peter Apr. 26, 2005 1,000.00 (2005 nomination campaign)
Budd Peter Dec. 30, 2005 2,000.00 (2006 election campaign)
Budd Peter Jan. 4, 2006 2,000.00 (2006 election campaign)

Budd also contributed to Brown's riding association in 2008:

PETER BUDD Jan. 31, 2008 833.50 (Barrie Conservative EDA)

*UPDATE* Budd contributed to Brown's riding association again in 2009:

PETER BUDD Aug. 13, 2009 236.50 (Barrie Conservative EDA)



  1. Thank you Robert,
    Mr.Be climb to the top little to fast.

  2. We over in Amabel Township know Mr. Budd's antics very well. It is good that others on this planet also have his number. Keep up the good work.

  3. Interesting article in The Sun Times(Owen Sound)5th,of Jan,2010
    "Former waterline project lobbyist disbarred"

  4. correction,6th. of Jan,2010

  5. Who else did this guy contribute to?